Crew Operation

Venture Crew One is consist of of three separate Crews made-up of Scouts and their friends that are high school sophomores, juniors and seniors - both young women and men.  Each graduating class has a separate and distinct crew - the '01 Crew, the '02 Crew, and the '03 Crew (NOTE:  the '05 Crew organizes during the summer 2002).

Each of the three Crews has a Crew Leadership Corps.  A Crew Chief (or co-chiefs) runs each Crew with primary assistance from the Alumni Mountain Crew Leaders (the Crew Advisor and Assistant Advisors assigned to each of the three Crews will support these older V-Crew Alumni leaders, primarily to serve as adult supervisors of each Crew).  An Assistant Crew Chief serves in the Crew Chief's absence.  Other positions include one or more Crew Quartermasters, Crew Scribes, Crew Instructors, Crew Project Coordinators and Crew Photo Webmasters.

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Crew Leaders Council

The three Crews are managed by a Crew Leader's Council made-up of the Senior Crew Chief, Assistance Senior Crew Chief, as well as each Crew's Leadership Corps.  The Crew Leader's Council operates the Venture Crew One Program and ensures coordination of each Crew's activities.  Overall Crew One planning is the responsibility of this Council.

Adult Two-Deep Leadership:

Adult Leadership is comprised of adults, 21 years of age or older, whose function is to guide the Crew members in successfully implementing the Venture Crew One Program, especially with regard to the aims of Scouting (Character Building, Citizenship and Physical Fitness).  The Crew Advisor is responsible for Venture Crew One and the three Crews.  In addition each Crew has an Assistant Crew Advisor and other adults responsible for that Crew's operation and activities.  In addition adult leadership is provided by V-Crew One Alumni - the Mountain Crew Leaders.  These young adult leaders serve as trek guides and assist each Crew Leadership Corps plan and execute each campout and service project.

Mountain Crew Leaders:

Venture Crew One was organized in October 1995.  The first sophomore class joining the Crew was the '98 Crew.  Many of these young Mountain Crew Leaders are now turning 21.  Some are enrolled in college in the Austin area.  As experienced campers and backpackers they are a tremendous resource pool for Venture Crew One.  Both the '02 Crew and the '03 Crew will have four or more Mountain Crew Leaders assigned to each Crew.  Although they may have conflicts from time to time, each has made a commitment to participate this year.



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